My goal for the semester: To get everyone on my floor addicted to Blacklist. 

Success Count: 2. 


Additional musings on S2E1 and theories about the past and future.

(1) Naomi is definitely missing a finger (see white bandage in pic above).

(2) Many of us questioned why Red killed Diane Fowler when she told him she could tell him the truth about his family. After S2E1, it’s very possible Red already knew what happened that night. Red was aware his former wife was in protective custody so he at least knew of her outcome. Naomi also mentioned her daughter, therefore it appears Red’s daughter survived that night as well. Is said daughter alive and well living hidden in suburbia? Was she taken or killed at another point? As I stated last night, why wouldn’t Naomi have mentioned Red being the cause for their daughter’s death? She most certainly wanted to paint Red in a bad light.

(3) The punch Naomi throws in the preview for S2E2 looks accurate and strong. I have a feeling Naomi isn’t as weak and victimized (by Red) as she made herself appear to Liz. As has been theorized before, is it possible Naomi was to Red what Tom was to Liz? As pekingese333 mentioned to me earlier today, are we going to hear Namoi tell Red, “You will never find our daughter.” 

(4) Several (including a lengthy analysis by selinabln) have discussed the possibility of the Pilot being a key to the entire series. The parallels between Red and Zamani - a man seeking “revenge” against the adversary who took his family/child. The child of the adversary being used to obtain the revenge; thereby, Liz being the daughter of Red’s greatest adversary. Also, with the reveal of Naomi alive and well in protective custody, it seems much of what we learned in the Pilot may be accurate. This would mean Liz was scarred at 14, so it’s more than likely there were two “fires” (one when Liz was 4 and one when she was 14). Now, was Red involved in either of these fires?


"Lord Baltimore, aren’t you a surprisingly saucy minx?"

So, thoughts on the introduction of Tamar Katzman….

This scene seems to mirror Red’s first scene with Lizzie in several ways. We’ve got Red tied to a chair, doing that strange combination of leering and flirting. He doesn’t use the words “very special” but Red is openly impressed with how she used the oxblood color dye in the production of Zegna ties to track him down. When he sees her falcon tattoo (which is for her brother), he realizes who she is. And though it doesn’t start right off the bat, he randomly starts dropping in bits of personal information about her, and she doesn’t know how he knows it. She’s wary of him but still thinks she has the upper hand when she calls it in. When everything happens exactly as Red said it would, she finds herself quite intrigued and possibly impressed by him as well, and looks pleased that he somehow had a hand in the death of the man responsible for her brother’s murder. Their time together ends with a shot of her standing over him, which is somehow reminiscent of several moments we’ve seen Liz standing over Red.

Since her role will be recurring this season, I wonder if she’ll be in Red’s coterie of contacts, or with the taskforce? At first I was put off by Red’s leering at her, but overall, I like their dynamic, and I really think the show could use another strong female cast member.

So now… I guess we should light a candle for her, and hope she doesn’t fall victim to the ladyblood-thirsty Joe Carnahan.




Red: Tell the boy not to pull on the brim of the hat.

(2x01 - Lord Baltimore)

Yes he does.

Just a little OCD hey Red? That’s okay, we here on tumblr understand obsessions over stuff very well.



We introduced a diblock copolymer nanoparticle marker into the brown dye in their factory in Navarro, which supplies all the vendors on the eastern seaboard.
Effectively turning every earth-tone Zegna tie into a homing device. Brilliant. Just like a bloodhound.

loved this scene!  the last gif where red looks down like “well shit, i guess you’re right… hmmm.”  looks genuinely impressed, like for a man that NO ONE CAN PREDICT HIS NEXT MOVE, a woman who never met him pinned down by his CLOTHING CHOICES.  hahaha.

Hah yes this was so great - one of my favourite bits of dialogue from the whole episode

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Very expressive interview :D

An Attempt at a Timeline (The Blacklist)


I’ll edit this when more information is revealed in the forthcoming episodes. In case I’ve missed something, please, let me know :)

07.02.1960 - Date of birth: Raymond Reddington. Reddington’s DOB is shown on the most wanted poster as well as in his entry in the FBI system (S1E1)

I just re-watched the whole season of Blacklist for the third time now that we are two days away from season two.. But no, apparently that isn’t enough for my brain, it decides to tell me to re-watch Boston Legal.

So here I am watching it on a Saturday morning….


A mix of my personal favorites on 8tracks​ from Season 1 of the Blacklist. Here’s to another season of fantastic music!