BL “416” vs TBL “108”

i’m on the wrong side of heaven
and the righteous side of  h e l l


Coney Island 15th August


[…] Even if he is incredibly frustrating, even if it goes against all of her intuitions, there’s this sort of counter-intuitive feeling that she has that still continues. When she has no place to go, she often shows up on his doorstep. And I think in a strange way, the more important relationship will be their present relationship. (full quote by roominthecastle)
James Spader at the SDCC panel of “The Blacklist” (2014)

Septtember 22


Blacklisters, I’m officially not ready. I mean I am, but I’m not.  Not really. Not when I start to think about it.  nbcblacklist, is there some sort of reintroduction program I can complete?   Shouldn’t this be done gradually, like reintegrating a frightened animal into its natural habitat? Promo? :D

I literally went to watch the Anslo Garrick series to prepare myself for the return….


cheers! there’s only 9 more days until the blacklist returns!


Lizzington Story, Red and Liz having a romantic ship #4 - The Blacklist

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They even look at each other like that in real life. Awwwww! 💜❤️

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