They even look at each other like that in real life. Awwwww! 💜❤️

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My, uh, best friend has Alzheimer’s, in the, uh, very early stages, it hasn’t… He is a grand lover of life, and will be for some time. I believe even when his mind starts to really go, he’ll still fish he’ll laugh and love, and as it progresses he’ll still want to live because there will be value for him, in a friendship, in a cigar… The truth is I don’t think he will ever come to me and say, this is the day I want to die, but the day is coming and he won’t know it… This is perhaps the, the most insidious thing about Alzheimer’s… but you see he trusts me to know when that day has arrive, he trusts me… to safe guard his dignity, his legacy, and self respect. He trusts me to prevent his end from becoming a mindless piece of mush and I will. It will be an unbearably painful… thing for me, but I will do it, because I love him. I will end his suffering, because it is the only decent humane and loving thing a person can do.
Alan Shore. This gets me every time I watch this episode. The love that Alan has for Denny is something remarkable. (via morganic1019)

Just reading this breaks me … I have to see this scene now and cry out loud !!

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http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4la8Izrwea8 YouTube link!

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He’s coming…

The Backlist | Red + Liz  | season 1: touch

If Sherlock would watch The Blacklist…
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Liz/Red + not getting along

Go behind the scenes of crime drama ‘The Blacklist’


 01:00 / 02:18 - James spader

 01:37 / 01:54 JS

Q: Do you know what the relationship is? (Ref Red/Liz)

A: Yes, particulars and specifics of that relationship I don’t know. But ultimately - that’s a great deal of what the show is about. I think you just sort of - allow the audience to -  sort of whims behind the curtain and then shut it quickly in their face”

Q: What is it like working with her? (Ref Megan Boone)

A: It’s like Reddington’s relationship with Elizabeth Keen. You know we both jumped onto a train and the train has left the station at full speed and it’s on fire.

02:21 / 02:44 - Megan Boone

Q: When you found out that James Spader was going to be Red Reddington. What you think?

A: When I found out that James was on the project. It was a moment of my life where I was kind of bouncing of walls and screaming. Calling everyone I knew - And I don’t know, I just … – Mom; James Spader took the part Ahh I am going to be working opposite James Spader!

02:47 / 03:27 – James Spader

Q: If you were confronted with the things that he is confronted with or make the choices that he makes - would you be able to do the things he does?

A: I might walk away a lot. More. (Delicious laugh lol)

This interview still makes me smile. So cute :-)  

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