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The Backlist | Red + Liz  | season 1: touch

If Sherlock would watch The Blacklist…
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Liz/Red + not getting along

Go behind the scenes of crime drama ‘The Blacklist’


 01:00 / 02:18 - James spader

 01:37 / 01:54 JS

Q: Do you know what the relationship is? (Ref Red/Liz)

A: Yes, particulars and specifics of that relationship I don’t know. But ultimately - that’s a great deal of what the show is about. I think you just sort of - allow the audience to -  sort of whims behind the curtain and then shut it quickly in their face”

Q: What is it like working with her? (Ref Megan Boone)

A: It’s like Reddington’s relationship with Elizabeth Keen. You know we both jumped onto a train and the train has left the station at full speed and it’s on fire.

02:21 / 02:44 - Megan Boone

Q: When you found out that James Spader was going to be Red Reddington. What you think?

A: When I found out that James was on the project. It was a moment of my life where I was kind of bouncing of walls and screaming. Calling everyone I knew - And I don’t know, I just … – Mom; James Spader took the part Ahh I am going to be working opposite James Spader!

02:47 / 03:27 – James Spader

Q: If you were confronted with the things that he is confronted with or make the choices that he makes - would you be able to do the things he does?

A: I might walk away a lot. More. (Delicious laugh lol)

This interview still makes me smile. So cute :-)  

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