So remember earlier in the season, Red told Lizzie “say the word and I’m gone”?
What if…
What if she says the word after discovering whatever was in the box….

Mr Reddington
I freaking love Aram.  (via secret-phoenix)
Blacklist thoughts


Ok, now that I’ve had a little time to process…some thoughts on The Blacklist.

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Now… Regarding #8… What if they end the episode right as Liz pulls the trigger….. criminalkeen
This is an end. And then something new will begin. You deserve the best in life Lizzie. I know that sounds odd coming from a man who has brought you some of the worst. But its the reason why Tom had to work so hard to be that for you. To be kind, to be thoughtful, to make you laugh, to make you love him. Because you deserve that. And it will come.
Raymond Reddington to Elizabeth Keen.  (via secret-phoenix)
every Blacklister right now (via rumpledleathertrousers)
They all work for you.

Red to Liz

One day they will all work for her. Liz and Red together.

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You know what’s worse than waiting 3 weeks for a new Blacklist episode…


… actually seeing The Pavlovich Brothers, S1E19.

As much as I love this show… I’m about done.


I think she’s having trouble at home
That is the biggest understatement of the century Ressler (via randomshitthatilike123)


my job was never to hurt you

I don’t believe him -.-
I don’t.
I don’t.
I don’t.